PIVX Blockchain Snapshots

Daily snapshot of PIVX blockchain

What are Snapshots?

The purpose of snapshots is to provide an up-to-date blockchain without the time and resource intensive tasks of verifying each block and/or reindexing the blockchain.

These are snapshots of a clean PIVX installation synchronized from scratch. They contain the folders "blocks", "chainstate", "sporks" and "zerocoin".

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Available Snapshots: Size: Created at: SHA256:
No snapshot available April 26 2021 11:30:03. View
See PIVX discord for support April 26 2021 11:29:32. View
New snapshots are created each day at about 1 am every day

How to Use

Step 1 - Backup Your Wallet

Before we get started, you will need to gracefully shutdown your wallet. Then, locate your PIVX data folder and make a backup. The default location of the folder are as follow:


Mac OS
~/Library/Application Support/PIVX OR ~/.pivx


Alternatively, you can backup your wallet.dat using the wallet application.
Go to Files > Backup Wallet. Click to find where.

Step 2 - Remove Old Blockchain Files

Delete ONLY the following 4 folders and 2 files from your data directory. (Do NOT delete anything other than blocks, chainstate, sporks, zerocoin, banlist.dat, and peers.dat)

Step 3 - Unzip and Restart

Unpack/unzip the snapshot files and place the contents into the data folder. You should see it recreate the 4 folders you just deleted (blocks, chainstate, sporks, and zerocoin).

You can restart your wallet software so the wallet will start syncing from whenever the snapshot was created. The sync should take very little time compared to syncing from scratch.

Still Confused?

Please join us on Discord and head over to the #support channel for some friendly help.
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